Karen Ameyaw
Senior Prevention Advisor, WorkSafeBC
Alyson Kennedy
Client Services Manager, WorkSafeBC
Min Trevor Kyi
Director, Kyi Rehabilitation
Danna MacKenzie
Client Services Manager, WorkSafeBC
Andrea McNeill
Client Services Manager RTWS, WorkSafeBC
Launette Rieb
Actum Health Medical Consultant, Family Physician, Addiction Medicine Specialist, MD, MSc, CCFP(AM), FCFP, CCSAM, DABAM, FASAM, Actum Health
Joe Roberts
Skid Row CEO, Joe Roberts Inc
Elisabeth Saxton
National Director of Mental Health Services, CBI Health
Alex Scott
Head, UBC Department of Physical Therapy, UBC
Maria Stancati Ens
Client Services Manager, WorkSafeBC

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